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What they heck are keywords?
By Shelley Lockwood

I'm going to do my best at giving a general explanation of what a website keyword is.  It's by no means an in depth explanation. It will give you an idea of what website keywords and keyword phrases are and why they are so important.

It's meant to give you an idea of what a keyword is, how a specific keyword works, and why you need to research your  keyword or keywords carefully.

What are keywords and why are they vital to the success of your online business?

Your website keywords are words that appear over an over again throughout your website, words or phrases that relate to the focus of your website.

Keywords appearing in your website are the foundation of your website. The repetition of these keywords and the keyword density tells the search engines what your website is about.

Keywords and keyword phrases are vital to the success of your online business, because this is how you will rank highly in the search engines. Ranking high in the search engines is what brings in targeted interested visitors.

What is keyword supply and keyword demand and how do you figure it out?

Keyword supply is how many websites come up in a search engine when you search for that keyword. Keyword demand is how many times that keyword is being search for.

I'm going to use some of the keywords from a specific paragraph in this article as an example. Please keep in mind that these numbers change regularly, and they were the numbers from the day this article was written.

In a previous paragraph I repeat the word keyword numerous times. It's pretty repetitive, and I probably could have made it sound a bit better, but I'm writing for the Net. So I reuse the word as many times as I can, but it still has to make sense.

It's meant to give you an idea of what a keyword is, how a specific keyword works, and why you need to research your  keyword or keywords carefully.

I check the demand for keyword at Overture (pay per click search engine) it's 180,468. Then I check the supply at Google (because I'm a googler) 25, 600,000 websites come up for that keyword.

So that tells me that building a website about keywords is
probably not a good idea. There is a high demand for the keyword, however the supply is astronomical.

While checking out the demand for the keyword; keyword. The tool I use Good Keywords, gave me a list of other similar keywords or keyword phrases that are searched for and their demand.
website keyword 141, keyword ranking 999, keyword density 322, keyword selection 305.

I then go over to Google and check the supply. The supply of each of these is much lower.
website keyword 2120, keyword ranking 59,100, keyword density 39,100, keyword selection 13,800

I'm not saying any of these are good ideas for a website, just using them to explain keywords, keyword phrases and how to analyze them.

Let's say I decide to go with all of them. I would then repeat those keyword or keyword phrases as many times as possible throughout the website and within the page titles.

This is how my paragraph would appear now for website keyword.
It's meant to give you an idea of what a website keyword is, how a specific website keyword works, and why you need to research your website keyword or website keywords carefully.

By changing my focus from keyword to website keyword, I stand a better chance of coming up higher in a search and will probably get visitors who are actually looking for information about website keywords.

One last example I'll change my keyword to the keyword phrase keyword selection.
It's meant to give you an idea of what keyword selection is, how keyword selection works, and why you need to research your keyword selection or keyword selections carefully.

Researching keyword supply and demand is a lot of work and is very time consuming. Just to check the ones for this article took me twenty minutes. If I had been seriously considering building that particular site, I would have invested even longer visiting the highest ranking sites (my potential competition).

For your online business you will need to research multiple keywords and keyword phrases. It takes a lot of time but is a necessary part of building an effective website.

If you are looking for an option that cuts the work from hours to minutes,  Site Build It includes a includes a manager tool that automates and organizes the entire keyword research, demand and supply process.

I hope I've helped you understand keywords a bit more. It isn't as complicated as it sounds, but it does take time.

Shelley Lockwood
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