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Reviews: Internet Business Tools & Affiliate Programs
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By Shelley Lockwood

Introduction to reviews:

I've spent a lot of money (wasted tons too) purchasing online products.  If someone isn't asking my opinion of a product or service or recommending something new to try, they're inquiring about what internet business tools I use myself.

So after many requests I'm finally starting to write it down all in one place.  I'll share my experiences, my opinions and provide a list of the tools I personally use.

Remember this particular section of the site is just getting started (along with the huge revamp I'm working on) so check back regularly.

It's kind of hard to group things together, especially when it comes to info products.  So I'm going to group things according to the way I use them or benefited from them.  I'll go with: Make Money With Affiliate Programs, Other Ways to Make Money Online & Internet Business Tools.

Hope you find this helpful.
Take care,

 Product Reviews:

New Review:Category: Internet Business Tool Price FREE
Read review: Value-Exchange

Struggling to find reciprocal link partners? Looking to exchange links with quality websites? Find out more about a free all-in-one link exchange community & tool that not only finds you quality sites to exchange links with but enables you to manage everything in one place.

Category: How to make money from blogging
Read review: Blogging for Dollars

DVD & instructional guide teaches how to make money from the biggest trend to hit the Internet in 10 years.


Category: Make Money with Affiliate Programs
Read review: The Affiliate Masters Course

The first thing I recommend to anyone who is interested in building a web site (especially if they want to make money) is the Affiliate Masters Course.  It's what finally got me started down the right path.  This is my top recommendation three years running and it's totally free.


Category: Internet Business Tools
Read review: Site Build It Truly all-in-one

After having found out the hard way (and expensive too) that everything on the Internet isn't always exactly as it seems (and thanks to the Affiliate Masters Course) I finally took the plunge with Site Build It.  Turns out it delivers what's promised and more.


Category: Internet Business Tools:
Read my review: Market Research Wizard

Most of my sites are theme based content web sites.  However, I do have one site that's sells a drop shippers product.  It's difficult figuring out which products are a good idea to sell.  Chris Malta's Market Research Wizard is designed with this specifically in mind.


Category: Other Ways to Make Money Online
Read my review: Google Cash Updated

I'm pretty set in my Internet marketing ways...deliver keyword rich relevant content to get traffic from the search engines but every once in awhile I like to test the latest thing.  I'd been making money from Google Adsense so I decided to re-invest some of it to see what happens.  I did so based on the advice given in this ebook:


Category: Internet Business Tools
Read my review: Strike It Niche  Availability News!!! Click here

Even though this is an ebook I'm calling it a tool because it provides specific ideas for web sites along with some initial keyword research.  It's laid out in a blueprint fashion so I see it as a tool to build from.


Category: Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Reviews of free to join affiliate programs.  
Affiliate Program Review: The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program Review: LinkShare Affiliate Program Network
Affiliate Program Review: AllPosters Affiliate Program

 Reviews Table of Contents

Product Review Website Tonight
Product review of website builder Website Tonight
Product Review: Value-Exchange
A free yet valuable tool for finding reciprocal links to increase traffic and search engine ranking
Product Review: Blogging for Dollars
Product review of Derek Gehl's new  Blogging For Dollars system
Product Review: The Affiliate Masters Course
Affiliate Masters Course: The best and most detailed resource for building an affiliate income on the net, and it's free!
Product Review: Site Build It
Review of site build it the all-in-one internet business solution
Product Review : The Market Research Wizard
What is the market research wizard and how can it help you pick profitable products for your online business?
Product Review: Michael Holland's Strike it Niche
70 high demand niche ideas for your online business. Eliminate hours of keyword research.
Product Review: Google Cash
Secrets to making money promoting your affiliate links with Google AdWords
Product Review: Affiliate Mistakes
Affiliate mistakes especially making even one of these top ten can keep you from earning the affiliate income you want.
Product Review: Make  A Living Online
Make a living online will show you how to get started earning online and how to grow your online business.
Affiliate Program Review: The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program
Find out more about SiteSell's 5 pillar affiliate program
Affiliate Program Review: LinkShare Affiliate Program Network
Free to join affiliate program network with hundreds of merchants to choose from
Affiliate Program Review: AllPosters Affiliate Program
The AllPosters free affiliate program. A great way to make money from your web site