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The Nasty Stuff: Money Making Scams, email Scams, Internet Scams & Much Much More
Get Rich Quick Scams and more! Articles about all the latest Internet scams, misleading marketing tactics used online & off, spam and other nasty stuff.  Read these before spending your hard earned money.

Scams that con investments into bad or non-existent opportunities.  Schemes designed to capture your information.  The latest scam & fraud trends explained.

Misleading Marketing Tactics, Schemes & Scams that pressure  & trick you into paying.

Multi-level-level Marketing: I know I know I'll be hearing about this.  I'm not saying all MLM ops are scams just that in my opinion a great many of them belong in the Nasty category.  That and the majority of people who participate end up spending a whole lot of money and see nothing but a loss.